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Zero Time Dilemma Argues for the Necessity of Trauma

Everybody hurts. Everybody cries. Everybody gets locked in a bomb shelter under the Nevada desert by a madman who forces you into a deadly game of kill-or-be-killed sometimes.

Zero Time Dilemma Argues for the Necessity of Trauma

Saturday, November 12, 2016

The title song from Cohen's final album. Really amazing, I think. What has always impressed me about Cohen is how he confronts legitimate theological and spiritual issues in his work with real depth and understanding. He raises important philosophical concerns, transcending cultural influence and just focusing on that which is very, very human.

Beautiful and tragic at moments, merely brutal at others. It's hard to look away from.

(Just an fyi, hineni means, "Here I am." It's what the priest Eli told Samuel to say in response to a voice that woke him in the night, the voice of God. It is also what Abraham responds to God when asked for his commitment to his covenant, right before Abraham is then instructed to sacrifice his son Isaac to prove that commitment. Heavy stuff.)

Friday, November 11, 2016

Leonard Cohen, 1934-2016

Rarely has the Silent Generation spoken so loudly (with a tone so deep and gravelly).

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