Thursday, October 8, 2009

Review: Fatale: Exploring Salome

So, I haven't played The Path, but I have heard all sorts of interesting things about this "arthouse" game from Tale of Tales. I thought the notion of riffing on fairy tale heroines was nice enough, but, you know, it's been done.

When I heard that Tale of Tales intended to play around with the story of Salome in their next "game," though, my ears pricked up: sex, violence, voyeurism, and the Bible! Now, you're getting into my areas of interest (body theory and theology being two of my chief interests).

In any case, Tale of Tales was nice enough to send a review copy over to PopMatters early this week, so I spent an evening or two with it.

I like it. You may like it. Not everyone will like it. But here's why (and also an explanation for why I am calling it a "game," not a game):

Review: Fatale: Exploring Salome

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