Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Spectacular Voyeurism: Bayonetta and Hyper-Spectacle

I have written about spectacle as an aesthetic a number of times before. Sometimes I have framed it in terms of Piñata Porn, sometimes in terms of Splatter Porn, sometimes just in reviewing a game like Devil May Cry, but I am just sort of fascinated by the notion of grounding aesthetics on pure visual decadence. It might be because as a literary critic such topics tend to be of less interest, and video games expression of spectacle allows the "blind" critic to finally begin to consider issues that usually are addressed by folks that study the visual arts.

In any case, Bayonetta is the very essence of decadence in visual expression. It is also kind of great.

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Spectacular Voyeurism: Bayonetta and Hyper-Spectacle

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