Monday, December 6, 2010

Moving Pixels Podcast: Exploring Albion in Fable III

If you can believe it, the Moving Pixels writers have yet more to say about Fable III. Even when Molyneux doesn't succeed though (or not in the way you expect), he always produces work that is interesting and worth talking about becase he makes you reconsider what is possible in game design.

While there were a host of things that I wanted to talk about concerning Fable III, an inordinate amount of our time was consumed by discussion of the "menu" screen (which seems kind of fair given how much of one's time in Fable III is likewise consumed by this strange innovation) and the appearance of Reaver in the endgame, something that seems appropriate to me given Fable III's cartoonish moralism (but I strangely argue here has a "realistic" authenticity). In any case, stay tuned for the end in which Rick and I have a weird dust up over the whole Reaver issue.

Moving Pixels Podcast: Exploring Albion in Fable III

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