Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Transcending Fiction: "Too Late to Love You Now" and Kentucky Route Zero

This is one of those pieces that just probably will not make much sense to anyone unless they've played Kentucky Route Zero. However, it also may not make sense even then because I had a hard time articulating some thoughts and connections that I see thematically going on in various scenes in the game in the essay.

The ideas are something that I discussed in a podcast that we recorded last weekend on Kentucky Route Zero: Act III, and I think I put the ideas together more coherently there by bouncing off some other ideas that Nick and Eric expressed. However, that podcast probably won't go live for a couple of months at least, as we have a pretty lengthy backlog of episodes built up. So this bit of possibly incoherent discussion will have to do at the moment, I guess. Hopefully, some or all of it makes sense to someone that's interested.

I may have another crack at discussing Act III soon, though, assuming I don't talk about tanking in MOBAs (which is something that I have intended to write about in the past and has been on my mind again lately) or that I feel compelled to write about Transistor (which I have been playing most recently) in the coming weeks. I also will be running through The Walking Dead Season Two, Episode 3 before the weekend, which could also distract me also, I suppose.

Transcending Fiction: "Too Late to Love You Now" and Kentucky Route Zero

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