Tuesday, September 15, 2015

you are the book of madder-rose and indigo

An anonymous individual in a chat room describing an epileptic seizure in real time:

This is the aura. The fit comes later, a sensation like a fast train. 00:19. it's not going to be a bad one. It's come up fast. The slow burn is the worst. 00:21 it was the smell that told me. I smell things like burning herbs. Then they go, and when it’s over they're gone. 00:29 I can feel fragments of identity speaking to me. It gets harder to describe I taste salt and something else. I exult in these moments. it's the payoff for the bad times, the weary times. In these moments I kiss God. 00:31 I can see all the colours now, under your skin! Look at your hand. Do you doubt that you contain an infinity of shades? tone and chroma, chapter and verse. you are the book of madder-rose and indigo. my hands will be taken soon, for a while. but how lovely that i can speak colour with my hands, while the time lasts! 00:33 its coming. i break open like achrysalis, i split. cant say much more. but you are the divine! look at your hands, draw breth, and do not doubt that you taste eternity. 00:37 over soon. i would be a river if i could. i would bleed eternal/divine. wont see it when i wake up. see it NOW. all colours. when you see all the colours. all the colours, in any one colour. that is to taste the divine. over soon. I want to remember! the keys look like bone, like brick. pyramids and saints toes. all colours. all the colours. they all saw all the colours. 00:40 keys like bone, but containign all colours. the colours never leave us. God is spectrum, infinite spectrum. sound, colour touch all a spectrum 00:54 It's over. I had the fit, I'm fine except I think I hit my elbow on something and I bit muy tongue. (Anonymous, 2012)

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