Saturday, November 21, 2015

Dissecting roses

Been thinking about literary criticism a bit. Largely, I've been thinking about how I have always resisted connecting myself to a particular critical approach. I'm not a feminist, a Marxist, or one who takes a particularly psychological approach to literature (or really any media that I analyze, film, games, music, whatever). I'm not necessarily opposed to any approaches people want to use (unless they get lost in the ideology of the approach, rather than in showing me something about the work itself). Use whatever approach when it's useful, I say. Discard it when it is not.

I'm not interested in politics, sociology, psychology, or much of anything else when it comes to literature. I'm just fascinated with aesthetics and semiotics. In a nutshell, I'm fascinated with beauty.

I just like dissecting roses.

Cruel, I guess.

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