Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How Games Might Challenge the Tyranny of Authorship

Blogging is just thinking out loud. But in public.

That's what my brief piece is this week -- just a think piece. A brief comment about the film camera representing a director's authority in a podcast that I was listening to last night over at the Experience Points blog got me thinking about a poem by Wallace Stevens that is kind of about the way that artists command or influence our vision. With only about three hours before deadline on my blog post for this week, a few more mental hops lead me to posit that games might be one of the more democratic and least authoritarian mediums in the arts.

However, since it is only a half formed thought and just me thinking out loud, I have added a lot of qualifiers ("might," "often," "at the very least.")

To read a little bit more about something that "might be" about authority, authorship, democracy, and games:

How Games Might Challenge the Tyranny of Authorship

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