Monday, March 22, 2010

Moving Pixels Podcast: The Role of Story in Video Games

So, a few of my colleagues and I that contribute regularly to the Moving Pixels blog decided to experiment a bit with the spoken (rather than the written) word. We have recorded several podcasts for the past month or so with an eye to possibly starting a regular feature on PopMatters in which we discuss games in (hopefully) interesting and thoughtful ways.

We certainly aren't the only ones that have done so. The Brainy Gamer features podcasts on a semi-regular basis as do the fellows over at the Experience Points blog (both of which I listen to with some regularity). Our idea was to launch some episodes in the form of a "mini-series" that would feature us taking on a larger topic (in the case of our first half dozen podcasts -- storytelling in games) and run with ideas about the topic for several weeks.

Our inaugural episode features a conversation between Rick Dakan, Nick Dinicola, Thomas Cross, and myself and can be found here:

Moving Pixels Podcast: The Role of Story in Video Games


  1. This was awesome. I saw this on reddit today, and I thought it fit into this kind of subtle story telling that regular gamers can miss.

    give it a look, it's worth it.