Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Moving Pixels Podcast: Of Plumbers and Princesses, or Love Stories in Video Games

Another week, another podcast. The third part of our storytelling mini-series for the Moving Pixels podcast focuses on love stories between plumbers and princesses, monkeys and maidens, and other lovestruck pixelated heroes and heroines. So, for those sick of just talking about fighting in video games, see the link below.

Moving Pixels Podcast: Of Plumbers and Princesses, or Love Stories in Video Games


  1. Nice. I could easily see this becoming a very popular podcast. You guys have some great discussions.

    One video game relationship that really stands out in my memory is the one between Squall and Rinoa from FFVIII. It's interesting because Rinoa likes Zeipher, Squall's rival.

    Through out the game, we see Squall become a little obsessed with Rinoa, but she is only into him as a friend. I think this story really resonates with a lot of people out there.

    The end of the game is very vague. Some think that Squall and Rinoa got together, but that is wishful thinking on their part.

    Anyway, that story is beautiful because it is so human.

  2. I agree that Final Fantasy has told some of the better love stories in games. I am personally fond of the Locke-Celes-Rachael love trinagle of the SNES FF III and I also think that the Cloud-Aeris-Tifa from FF VII triangle also has some charm.

    These are all stories conveyed in a more traditionally passive way, though. By that, I mean that they are stories told to us that we have an emotive response to in the same way that a novel or film conveys those emotions to us. I think that I grow more excited these days by the idea of a love story that we are more complicit with or that allows us to make choices in. I like Persona's ability to court a girl (or girls -- if you roll that way) of your choice and get involved in a more personal way.