Friday, June 11, 2010

Review: Red Dead Redemption

This is only the second 10 that I have assigned in a review, having been writing for PopMatters since (I believe) 2003. The only other 10 that I have given was to Bully.

Yes, I have a Rockstar thing.

But I think Rockstar provides good reason for having a "Rockstar thing." It may be generational, as I think that the borothers Houser have a very X kind of attitude about everything, one which I easily understand and relate to, but I do think that their critique of Amercian culture and their ability to recreate historical (or at least the mediated version of the historical--Vice City is as much Miami circa 1985 as it is Miami Vice and Scarface circa that same period) is one of the best things going in video games in the last 10-12 years or so.

One part Fistful of Dollars, one part Josey Wales, mix with Gun and "The Bride Comes To Yellow Sky" with a serving of The Odyssey on the side, it's Red Dead Redemption:

Red Dead Redemption

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