Monday, October 11, 2010

A Couple of Belated Updates: Moving Pixels Podcast and Blog

I have been extraordinarily busy for the last week or so (grading papers, grading exams, and more grading). While I managed to crank out another podcast and blog entry (more of a review this time) for PopMatters, I didn't manage to mention these updates here at the "official" Neuromance blog.

So, if you haven't seen them, here are links to last weeks Moving Pixels podcast, which begins a two part discussion of evil and villainy in video games, and my own Neuromance blog entry for PopMatters, which concerns the new Professor Layton game:

Moving Pixels Podcast: Real Evil in Video Games

Professor Layton and the Curious Compulsion Towards Improvement

I should also be updating with a link to the second part of our "podcasts of evil" a bit later on today.

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