Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Politics of Submission: The Romance of Enslaved

I really enjoyed the story of Enslaved. There are also some good gameplay ideas (I think) in there that never seem to quite grow into fruition.

However, I spent today's post largely concerned with some of the game's theme of enslavement, especially as it relates to the romance between Monkey and Trip. It seems to me that this romance comments on the overall interest in submission that becomes the core of the overarching plot and some of the gameplay.

Submission to authoritarian dictates is, of course, an idea handled by a lot of the "thinkier" games of recent years (Portal, Bioshock, and Loved to name a few). Enslaved offers a different answer than a lot of those games, as it does not suggest that antagonism is necssarily the outcome of such power dynmaics.

The Politics of Submission: The Romance of Enslaved

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