Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Firewatch and the Case of the Much Too Obvious MacGuffin

This is my follow up to yesterday's Firewatch review, which is a much more expansive discussion of a particular element of Firewatch, specifically its use of something that looks to me like Hitchcock's MacGuffin. The discussion, I fear, may give the impression that I am less of an advocate of the game than I really am, since I argue that this element of the game is mishandled. However, once again, I really do like this game, despite what I view as the game's only real flaw.

Also, I do spend a bit of time talking about the MacGuffin as a concept in this essay. I feel like more often than not when people talk about the MacGuffin they describe how it functions, but that its purpose is often not acknowledged. So, I kind of felt the need to talk a bit about what Hitchcock viewed as the purpose of using a MacGuffin before getting into how it works and what its purpose is in Firewatch. I think that it is useful, though, to do so, as talking about what it is meant to accomplish clarifies why I think it doesn't end up working to the game's advantage more clearly.

>Or,at least, that is my hope.

Firewatch and the Case of the Much Too Obvious MacGuffin

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