Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The "Jiggly" Scenes

The National Federation for Decency boasts about 20,000 members. Its first and best known project involved monitoring prime-time television that might appeal to "man's prurient nature." Each monitor spent one night a week tallying televised incidents of violence, profanity, and "skin." As The Wall Street Journal reported at the time, "One monitor, a woman, cited the September 13 episode of Charlie's Angels for 23 'jiggly' scenes. Another monitor, also a woman, didn't note any such scenes. Mr. [Donald] Wildmon[, head of the National Federation for Decency,] says, 'I'd just use the higher estimate and not bother with the other one.'"

--"The Indecent Crusade." Playboy Oct. 1984: 13.

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