Thursday, September 24, 2009

Review: Wet

Since I was recently chattering about the bodies of Lara Croft and Rubi Malone, I figured I may as well review the game featuring Rubi, Bethesda's Wet.

As I mention in my review, I really want to love Wet as it is an homage to the exploitation film, a genre that I can't help but admire for its audacity and moralism. While seemingly gameplay that favors visually dynamic combat as a measure of success over any kind of substance would seem like a perfect fit for aping the exploitation genre, but it actually hinders the game. The visual feast of sex and violence that exploitation cinema thrives on suffers in video game translation as it is not a medium that is tailor made for voyeurism.

More thoughts on this idea and the appeal (or lack thereof) of Rubi Malone here:

Review: Wet

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