Friday, August 13, 2010

Review: Crackdown 2: Playing the Fascist

It has been awhile since I have "officially" reviewed a game for PopMatters. Frankly, I haven't played a whole lot of games for the last month or so barring some older and newer indie games. Generally this has been kind of a refreshing break from madly powering through twenty to forty hour games, however, I do feel like I'd like to get back to something as involving as a nice long game by a big publisher.

Unfortunately, Crackdown 2 has been the game that I returned from my indie-centric hiatus to.

Nevertheless, while the game is pretty paper thin and repetitive, it at least has some things that are interesting to talk about. Notably its really weirdly sarcastic but fascistic tone, and its tendency to force you into being a kind of tool of the state (despite its attempts to, perhaps, make the relation between the state and player ironic).

Playing the fascist is just weird, man:

Review: Crackdown 2: Playing the Fascist

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